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Go Inside Yoga        1815 Hairston Avenue, Conway, Arkansas  72034        Tel: (501) 313-0770 

and welcome to Go Inside Yoga Conway!  Owning my own yoga studio has been a dream for some time now. The fact that I'm doing it in my family owned building in Conway is icing on the cake.  My first year in business has been amazing!  

I realized that I had stumbled upon something great the very first time a took a yoga class.  I've always had the kind of mind that never shuts up.  I didn't even realize that not thinking was an option.  As I lay on the floor at the end of that class, I had an awareness of myself not thinking.. being conscious, but not a thought in my head.  Finally, relief.  It felt amazing.  

Over the past 12 years, yoga has changed not only my body, but the way I perceive and approach life emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I believe that yoga can benefit everyone regardless of age, size or belief system. It will definitely make you healthier and more fit, but more than that, it will give you peace of mind.  Everything you are searching for is already within you.  To reveal it, you just have to Go Inside! 

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"Eastern philosophy says that human beings have forgotten what they came here for.   With all the stimulation outside of ourselves, we have lost sight of the Beloved, our creator, and have lost ourselves as a result.  Many of us have lost the ability to feel things and look to others for clarification and purpose, when the answers are deep inside.  Yoga allows us to experience a connection with the divine.   Through the yoking of our minds, bodies and hearts to higher power of existence, we awaken the spiritual energy within, and our highest capabilities are revealed. With this realization comes a confidence that cannot be destroyed.  Once that connection is established, the source is accessible at any time to find the answers that we may be searching for.  This can only be achieved through practice, and yoga is essentially the practice of refining ourselves holistically and specifically for this deeply spiritual purpose.  Yoga is the practice of disciplining the mind, body and spirit to optimum capacity.  It is the practice of mindfulness, compassion, grace and love through all actions."
~BKS Iyengar
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